Staff Members

The ESAFF Burundi National Office is an executing body responsible for implementing the programs selected by the board of directors. The National Office of ESAFF Burundi is made up of executives and agents recruited to implement the projects resulting from the action plan drawn up for a period of 6 years. The coordinating/Executing team is the technical body for the planning, daily management and execution of the activities. At the level of the national secretariat, the coordination is made of senior team including National Coordinator, Program Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Research and Advocacy Officer, Finance and Administration Officer and Chiefs of thematic supervisors: Agriculture, Climate Change, Nutrition, Hygiene and Sanitation, Education, Gender and Women’s Empowerment and Social Protection.

Name: Augustine MPAWENIMANA
Position: National Coordinator
Name: Delphine NDACAYISABA
Position: Programme Manager
Name: Sybelle Kaze
Position: Research and Advocacy Officer
Name: Divin ARAKAZA
Position: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Name: Sandra NDAYIZEYE
Position: Finance Officer
Name: Anitha Akimana
Position: Administration Officer

Thematic Officers

Area of expertise: Family Farming
Name: Dr. Athanase Nkunzimana
Area of expertise: Ecosystem and Climate Adaptation
Name: Ninette Irabogora
Area of expertise: Nutrition
Name: Dancile Kanyana
Area of expertise: Education

Name: Daphrose Nimbona
Area of expertise: Gender and Women Empowernment
Name: Janvier Nderenimana
Area of expertise: Social Protection
Name: Adrien Ndayitwayeko
Area of expertise: Hygiene and Sanitation Officer