Burundi agricultural products processed for the best preservation.


The processing of agricultural products for the best preservation is one of the objectives of the different companies that the check by ABP visited on Thursday, July 25, 2019, at the “Made in Burundi” products trade fair which has taken place in the city center of the economic capital Bujumbura

The general observation is that the products sold in some stands are agricultural and transformed in order to promote their conservation. As an illustration, the company Imena of Kayanza, founded since 2012, transforms bananas into three types of drinks, namely wine, liqueurs, and juice.

Mr. Jérôme Nkengurukiyimana, who is in charge of marketing within that company, said that the mission was to turn perishable products into easily preserved products and create jobs for the unemployed. The target has been reached and Imena currently has 800 employees, he added.

Mr. Eloge Muyogoro Ndayisenga of Burundi Fortified Food said the processing of perishable products gives value to those products and increases farmers’ income. Burundi Fortified Food transforms cereals to provide a complete diet for the baby to make a healthy and strong start, especially at school.

Regarding the added value of participation in the trade fair of products “made in Burundi”, the people contacted said that it is a great opportunity to show the general public locally made products.

It is also an opportunity for those companies to know what people think about their production; collect contributive information, with a view to improving the quality and quantity of products to be marketed and to exchange experiences with other companies

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