16th CAADP Partnership Platform


The 16th CAADP PP will cast broad light on the progress of implementation of the Malabo Commitments, and what it takes to increase momentum. It will gather insights across the spectrum of stakeholders and use existing evidence from the BR to spurring action toward integration of the Malabo Commitments into National Agricultural Investment Plans. It will also set focus on approaches for developing pragmatic strategies, initiatives and bankable projects that are inclusive, investment oriented and attractive to potential agribusiness investors. Special focus identifying gaps in investing in certain agricultural commodities (crop, marine and animal) with potential to become strategic in the short-, mid- or long-term, and which offer value chain investment potential.

Furthermore, the 16th CAADP PP is leverage on possible opportunities the different stakeholders have, which can be harnessed, be they in the form of technical expertise, experience, financing sources, and/or managerial systems. This exploration of opportunities will be done by way of experience sharing and showcasing of unique practices and case studies that have produced results and impact.
In order to invoke this desired value, the PP will utilize the services of experienced and purpose-driven facilitators. Each session will be as interactive and conclusive as possible.

to arrive at a consensus on actions, goals and targets, and spell out associated roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the decisions of the Malabo Declaration for realizing the 2025 vision of Africa Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation. In-depth discussions will be conducted by way of facilitated breakout sessions, as well as question-and-answer driven plenary sessions.


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