Contribute to building sustainable development to improve not only small scale farmers’ lives but the life of the average Burundian family overall


  1. To build capacity for Small Scale Farmers’ and protect their interests, through lobbying and advocating for agribusiness, fair trade and marketing policies.
  2. To empower small scale farmers by boosting accountability and agriculture investment to achieve the communities free from poverty and hunger.

Core Values

Commitment: ESAFF Burundi is committed to help small scale farmers achieve sustainable development through efficient advocacy and lobbying strategies for better policies.
Consistency: ESAFF Burundi intends to use consistent ways of bringing sustainable change to farmers’ lives
Efficiency: Sustainable change will only lead to sustainable development through efficiency in our everyday work; our input will determine our outputs.
Innovativeness: Commitment to innovation and excellence will guarantee the realization of ESAFF Burundi vision.

Approach and Beneficiaries

ESAFF Burundi operations is a set of strategically connected projects aligned with a long-term commitment that empower small-scale farmers grouped in associations/cooperatives to achieve socially, economically and environmentally secure livelihoods. Our programs are constructed to address the specific needs of small scale farmers through discussions and dialogues from grassroots, districts, national, regional and international levels. This focus on scalability that allows our work to have the greatest, most lasting impact possible. Our programs are designed to unify small scale farmers so that they can be able to speak in one voice for their interests and rights.