ESAFF Burundi which was created and acquired its legal recognition as a non-profit association (ASBL) under Burundian law on November 24, 2009 is a national chapter of ESAFF Regional that is a pan-African network of smallholder farmers in East and Southern Africa countries with headquarters in Morogoro, Tanzania. ESAFF Burundi is registered under the approval number 530/1491 in the Ministry of Interior. ESAFF Burundi has 23 associate members of general assembly and are of diverse socio-professional profiles: agronomists, veterinarians, socio-economists, sociologists, doctors, farmer peasant, and leaders of the peasant organizations. The skills of these members are used by the institution as needed to complete the team of employees. The implementation of ESAFF Burundi’s mission is based on the orientations of the General Assembly. These orientations are followed by the Executive Committee as well as the Advisory Committee of the Association, each of which is composed of 5 members elected for a period of 5 years.

The Board

Chairperson: Obed Girukwayo

Vice Chairperson: Joselyn NIYUBAHWE

Secretary: Athanasie Muhimpundu

Treasurer: Nestor Cishahayo


Advisory Committee

Chairperson: Jean Marie Bizimana

Vice Chairperson: Yvonne Kwitonda

Secretary: Angligene Saba

Member: Francine Kwizera

Member: Innocent Itonde