Establishment of PETS committee on Rumotomoto Hill


On March 5th, 2018, the members of the forum of the small agricultures ESAFF Burundi went in the Gihanga commune of Bubanza province. This visit had the objective of setting up the Public Expenditure Monitoring Survey Committee.

This committee is made up of 12 people headed by Faustine Ndagijimana. This committee is made up of different people including farmers from Bubanza province, councilors from Gihanga commune, hill chiefs and sectors from Rumotomoto hill.

The Legal Representative of ESAFF Burundi Mr. Obed Girukwayo explained to the farmers present that ESAFF Burundi has set itself the mission of defending the interests of small farmers, by ensuring the implementation by the government of development projects in agricultural sector, for the benefit of the population. And to add that in this sense, ESAFF Burundi is the voice of farmers because it defends their interests by approaching and collaborating with the administrative authorities.Mr. Girukwayo also said that ESAFF-Burundi has chosen to implement the Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS) project in Gihanga commune because it is one of the most drought-stricken communes in the world each year and has a glaring ‘water.

For more, see the Press release by The National Newspaper Le Renouveau – the article is published in french :


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